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Text to Speech Benefits

Enjoy the full flexibility of the platform with ton of features

Over +840 Voices

You want natural voices with emotion and personality? We’ve got them! They can say funny stuff in foreign languages and accents, and sound like either a polished professor or shady salesman.

Full set of SSML Features

Want to make your voice faster, slower, louder, or give it more energy and emphasis? You can also change the style and tone, or fine-tune pronunciation… and even add background music! Listen at any speed, so you can reduce your workflow.

Various Audio Formats

When you’re ready and have chosen the perfect voice for your project, 'synthesize' your sample and save it as an MP3, WAV or OGG of up to about 20 minutes. Link them together to create a full audiobook.

Over +135 Languages & Dialects

Things get truly exciting when you start playing with all our different voice actors, in a variety of languages and accents, for truly unique and memorable characters and realistic foreign language voices.

Download & Share Results Easily

Our text to voice narrators allows for all kinds of creative projects, limited only by your own passion and creativity, and people will be blown away by the results and sound quality.

Neural & Wavenet Voices

We want to be the best TTS service, so we only use the most realistic voices and keep them updated as the technology improves (compared to our voices, many other AI voices sound like nails on a chalkboard).

Accurately convert text to speech powered by leading
Cloud AI Technologies

How’s it work? Honestly no idea. We like to imagine it like when Ariel traded her soul to become human, but lost her voice in the process. Picture our voices like the wall of faces Aria finds in Game of Thrones, (a girl has no name.) Or maybe like those creepy mockingjays who mimic a human tune and pass the melody down generations. We’ve picked new names and faces and made a cool site so you can bring them out of their cages into the sunlight and put them to good use. Don’t worry we keep them comfortable, but they’re lonely without purpose.

Unlimited Use Cases

Create any type of audio content as you prefer

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More than +840 voices across
+135 languages and dialects

The best AI voices, at the best prices. Why use a boring TTS service when you could get better results and have more fun with us?
The synthesis of existing languages is constantly being
updated and improved.

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